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Party July 4 - GenXDC invite


July 4th Party!

Hey guys,

Dave and I are throwing a party on July 4, 2006, starting at 2:00. We live near the new convention center, at approximately 9 & O nw, which is pretty close to the Mt Vernon Sq Metro, and a short distance to the National Mall for Independence Day fireworks.

GenXDCers, GenXDC lurkers and new people are welcome.

What: Independence Day House (Apartment) party

When: July 4, 2006

Time: 2:00 p.m. until we decide to go down to the fireworks

Where: Near 9 & O nw. e-mail me or comment for directions and address.

Who: You. Be there.

Drinks: BYO. We'll have ice, pop (soda), juice etc., we have some beer etc.

Food: Uh, there is only a little room for a potluck table, but please feel free to bring something for people. For dinner, I'll make a big pot of Chili, and you can have it over spaghetti if you like. (Maybe I'll make some white rice too. Have you ever had rice in your chili? YUM!)

Email if you are interested and I'll send you detailed info.

If you are going to bring something, plese leave a comment below.

Oh and I have a new pro digital camera. Rest assured pictures WILL be taken. (Like you had any doubt.)

We're not sure how many people are coming. I think Dave invited half of Bear Happy Hour on Friday, so this might be kind of a bash, I dunno. So please, come, and invite a friend.

'( '-' )' Bearnaked Joe
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Id like to come, but I work till 6. Id like to hook up with you guys to see the fireworks though!
Absolutely. You have my number. Just give me a call when you're coming into town. I can't imagine we'd all leave before 8:00 or later. The fireworks are usually after 9:00 I think. Even if you need to meet us out on the street, just call or text me.